Since 1996 all my savings and spare time go to this project “5 + 4 = 1”. In those 10 years I have accomplished a lot but there is still a lot to be done. Regions like Eastern Europe, the Balkans, North America, and China are not or scarcely represented. This, you can change.
A well-established Belgian publishing company is already interested but counts on sponsorship for publishing a prestigious photo book. In view of the subject and the message of “5 + 4 = 1”, this project is beyond boundaries. Not only borders, but also cultural and religious boundaries. If you, like myself, believe in the objectives, universal values and message of “5 + 4 = 1” and you want to contribute to the further realization of this project, you can always get in touch with me. Off course, you may also give this web address (www.fiveandfourequalsone.org or www.vijfplusvieriseen.be) to people, organisations or companies that may be interested in “5 + 4 = 1”. Meanwhile, thank you for your attention and cooperation. Karl Deckers